Spare parts trading


Especially large choice of both new and spare parts for cargo vehicles DAF 95 XF,105 XF (made in 1998-2007) is in  store at our Company.

  • We are selling engines and other aggregates and their parts;
  • Cabins and cabin spare parts;
  • Spare parts for refrigeration system;
  • Spare parts for body shell DAF 95 XF and 105 XF;
  • Inside parts of cabin;
  • Chassis parts;
  • Electrical installations;
  • Electrical devices;
  • Pneumatic system parts;
  • Pneumatic system components;
  • Air conditioning system parts etc.

NEW !!!

Fuel accounting systems of diesel engyne.

Real time transport tracking systems (More information:

We offer a system for fuel accounting in vehicles. This is an effective and tried way, which will help you to  control  fuel consumption effectively and accurately.

We install Swiss Aquametro mechanical fuel meters. They are connected to transport control system. You may obtain information on particular vehicle actual fuel consumption during the chosen time interval through the Internet connection anywhere and at any time. This allows estimating technical condition of the vehicle, work quality of the driver and profitability of a trip.

Stand-alone air-conditioners, their mounting in cargo vehicles, buses, minibuses and tourist houses. Warranty and post-warranty repair service.

  • We present the news – air conditioning systems that operate without vehicle engine help. There is no need to use expensive fuel and lubricants, and it is possible to extend service time of the engine. These conditioners help to decrease pollution amount emitted to the environment. They do not use Freon which is harmful to the environment. All they need is simple water.
  • Running of such a conditioner is based on decrease in thermal energy upon evaporation of water. The water that is intensively evaporated in the evaporation unit cools it off. Hot and dry air from outside that has passed through the evaporator cools off in it and its humidity increases. Scrubbed, cooled and humidified air is supplied into vehicle cabin and ensures comfortable driving and leisure conditions. Its cooling effectiveness, i.e. difference in temperatures of delivered air from outside and supplied to the vehicle cabin reaches up to 8-12 degrees, depending on the ambient conditions. Upon rise in ambient temperature and decrease in relative air humidity, cooling effectiveness enhances.
Technical characteristics:
Model Remote control Water tankage L Active coal filter Weight, kg Power supply voltage and flow Modification for 12 V voltage Air stream , m3­/h
Evoliution included 35 N/A 20 24 V (0,4A-4A) included 900
Microfilter included 35 included 20 24 V (0,4A-4A) included 900
Mochila included 35 possible 16 24 V (0,4A-4A) included 900

A conditioner may operate for a long time without fears that the battery is on the verge of self discharge, as it is very economical and, besides, has a safety system against battery self discharge – it automatically turns off after the voltage has dropped below the allowable level.

It is rather simple to mount the conditioning system, as it is easily adapted to various vehicles without great changes in the structure. In trucks, it is mounted on top of the cabin and supplies air through the roof recess or  is mounted on the rear pane of the cabin and supplies air through the recess made for that purpose at the bottom berth. In buses and mini buses, it is mounted on the roof. This system works quietly, is very reliable and easily maintained. All operating modes may be controlled using a remote control panel. This is especially convenient while driving.

Air conditioners mounted at our Service are provided with 2 year warranty coverage; we perform warranty and post-warranty servicing.


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