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 apdov_-_CopyJSC "Vedautos autotransportas" was established on July 4, 1996 and is engaged in the field of cargo transportation on local and international trucking routes. The very start of the Company‘s establishment dates back to 1992. The company is a member of Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association "LINAVA" and belongs to Kaunas Road Carriers Club.

For a number of years, JSC "Vedautos autotransportas" is ranked number one among Lithuanian road carriers in transportation of cargoes to/from Spain and Italy. Contacts with new partners are made constantly, new international transportation routes developed.

Company's statement – always ahead, always with You!

At present the fleet of comapny consists of trucks and tent trailers manufactured in Western Europe. All vehicles meet Euro-3 and Euro-5 certificate requirements.

The main aim of the Company is to transport customer cargoes reliably and fast. Certified trucks owned by the Company have expanded geography of transportation. We transport cargoes to/from various Western and Eastern European countries (Poland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Luxemburg, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus). We also operate inside European countries. We are able to transport cargoes in our own trailers as well as by those of the clients.

All motor-vehicles have certificates to carry dangerous cargoes and drivers-forwarders have attended dangerous cargo transportation courses. Upon the Client request, on a vehicle, two cargo transporting drivers might work who can be always contacted using  telecommunication means.
Qualified transportation specialists working in our company will provide you with information in Lithuanian, Russian, English and German languages. We can provide information to the Client in the most convenient way – by telephone or electronic mail.

We appreciate our Client trust in us and close relationships that we have developed during long term experience. And we dare maintain that we are delighted with our clients that have become our partners.

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